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What Are the Differences Between Brushed Aluminum Sheet and Honeycomb Sheet?

Brushed Aluminum sheet and honeycomb panels are two thin sheets that are firmly bonded to the thicker honeycomb core on both sides, also known as honeycomb sandwich structure. Two layers of honeycomb panels can use brushed aluminum sheets. What are the differences between brushed aluminum sheets and honeycomb panels?

Understanding brushed aluminum sheet

Brushed aluminum sheet has a rich metallic texture on the surface, fashionable and beautiful, and can be used in various industries. Oxidized brushed aluminum sheet has good weather resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, and is an environmentally friendly material advocated by everyone nowadays. Brushed aluminum sheet can be directly bent into aluminum square pass, giving aluminum square pass brushed aluminum sheet excellent performance. The advantages of brushed aluminum sheet are superior washability performance; UV resistance and no fading; super strong metallic texture, high-end, beautiful; only one-third the weight of stainless steel; scratch resistance of brushed aluminum sheet; no fingerprints after touching; anti-static and easy to clean; Environmental protection level reaches food grade. So what are the differences between brushed aluminum sheets and honeycomb panels?

Making honeycomb panels with brushed aluminum sheet

Their perfect combination is not only useful, but can also make honeycomb panels more decorative. Brushed aluminum sheet has been widely used in the honeycomb panel industry. Series 1 aluminum sheets are usually used as the base material for brushed aluminum sheets. The sheet thickness is from 0.4 to 2.0 mm. It also requires hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core as the core material. The aluminum foil thickness is from 0.04 to 0.06 mm, and the total thickness is 25 mm.

These dense honeycomb structures can make the stress of the aluminum sheet even, disperse the pressure on the panel, and ensure that the panel can still maintain high smoothness within a larger area. The color of brushed aluminum sheet plays a good decorative role in honeycomb panels, and the special oxide film makes brushed aluminum sheet have excellent washability, UV resistance and no fading, scratch resistance, no fingerprints after touching, anti-static, dust-free, and easy to clean.

The honeycomb panels made of brushed aluminum sheet have a top concave appearance and excellent functions, which are widely used in building curtain walls, interior space walls, ceiling decorations, etc. Brushed aluminum honeycomb panels are lightweight, high-strength and have good flatness. It meets the highest partition requirements of curtain walls. It can achieve the best construction effect with the least construction components, saving installation time and reducing labor costs. Brushed aluminum honeycomb panels have sound insulation, noise reduction, heat insulation, and excellent fire resistance, and are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and ideal materials for building decoration industry.

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