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Brushed Aluminum Plate Makes Life More Diversified

1. The appearance of brushed aluminum plate

Technology has changed our lives, making our quality of life continue to improve, so people have higher requirements for aesthetic standards. Brushed aluminum is the product of modern technology, which makes our lives more diversified and satisfies consumers' requirements for quality of life.

For the decoration market, with the joint advancement of technology and fashion elements, the replacement of materials is very fast. In recent years, by virtue of its own advantages, the brushed aluminum plate has brought outstanding decorative effects to the products and injected new vitality into the decorative market. At present, there are a wide variety of materials on the market, but there are very few truly excellent and cost-effective products. The brushed aluminum sheet has its own unique advantages in terms of appearance and performance, occupying a place in the material industry.


2. The brushed aluminum plate in life

As a medium and high-grade material, brushed aluminum sheet can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Whether it is for commercial use or home decoration, it brings people cost-effective products. When applied to products with certain aesthetic requirements, such as electronic product casings, household appliance panels, etc., there are strict requirements on the selection of materials. The surface hardness of the brushed aluminum plate reaches sapphire level, which is very scratch-resistant and can protect the product and extend the life of the product.

The corrosion resistance of the brushed aluminum plate is also very excellent, and it is durable. A layer of oxide film on the surface can be isolated from the air, avoiding oxidation with the air and corroding the surface, and can retain the metal appearance of the surface of the brushed aluminum plate, even after using it for a long time, it is still beautiful as new.

The weight of the brushed aluminum plate is only ⅓ of the stainless steel, which is very light. It can be made into an electronic product casing to reduce the weight of the product, and consumers can carry it easily. The brushed aluminum plate is easy to clean without vacuuming, and has strong fingerprint resistance, no maintenance is required, just wipe with a rag.

One of the highlights of the brushed aluminum sheet is that it is an environmentally friendly material, 100% recyclable, and allows consumers to use it with confidence. It is precisely because of the many excellent properties of brushed aluminum that it is popular in all walks of life and makes life more diversified. It is a new material for furniture decoration, a classic material for electronic consumer goods, and an embellishment material that reflects the high-end elegance of lighting. It is also the trump card material used in building curtain walls.

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