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The Surface Treatment of Aluminium Sheet

Ⅰ. The emergence of aluminium sheet

Now aluminium sheet has become a common material in decoration and decoration. aluminium sheet has not appeared for a long time, but it can be quickly recognized by consumers. In recent years, we can see its existence in various occasions. As one of the new materials, why aluminium sheet can become the new darling of decoration materials. aluminium sheet is an environmentally friendly material among new materials. Combining some advantages in various aspects, aluminium sheet is superior in comparison, so that it is favored by more people. aluminium sheet has better flexibility, easy to shape, and easy to spray and thin thickness. Optional, there are enough aluminium sheet wholesale product series, which can meet any occasion in decoration and decoration, whether it is exterior wall decoration, interior decoration, ceiling, it is very suitable.

In life, people will pay more attention to beautiful things and like them more. In the construction industry, especially in decoration building materials, the application of aluminium sheets is particularly extensive, and the beauty of aluminium sheets is also more concerned by people. Therefore, we should be more careful in the surface treatment of aluminium sheets. What are the surface treatment methods for aluminium sheets?

Ⅱ. What are the surface treatment methods of aluminium sheets?

1. Multi-color surface treatment: The traditional color aluminium sheet can no longer meet the needs of some designers. In order to make the aluminium sheet work better, various color treatments have appeared to make the color of the aluminium sheet more perfect. The most important point is that it needs to be processed after polishing and oxidation, and the effect is the best.

2. Scrub fabric: The patterned aluminium sheet itself is very bright, but in a certain environment in our life, there will be interference highlights. The use of matte can overcome this shortcoming very well. Its surface is like silk. Silky smooth, loved by many people.

3. Plasma-enhanced electrochemical surface ceramicization: This is the advanced science and technology used. The quality of the aluminium sheet after this treatment is excellent, although the cost is higher, but you get what you pay for. The most important thing is that this aluminium sheet can also carry out a series of color registration.

4. Electrophoretic coating: This treatment method is the most used in Japan now. After such treatment, the surface of the aluminum sheet will appear smooth and the corrosion resistance will be enhanced.

5. Powder electrostatic spraying: The main feature is to enhance the corrosion resistance of the aluminium sheet. For some acid and alkali salts, this aluminium sheet is better than the oxidized and colored profiles.

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