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Effects of Various Elements in Aluminium Alloy on Aluminium Properties

1. The influence of copper element on aluminium alloy

Copper is an important alloying element and has a certain solid solution strengthening effect. In addition, the CuAl2 precipitated by aging has an obvious aging strengthening effect. The copper content in the aluminium alloy is usually 2.5% ~ 5%, and the strengthening effect is the best when the copper content is 4% ~ 6.8%, so the copper content of most hard aluminium alloys is in this range.

2. The influence of silicon element on aluminium alloy

Aluminum-silicon alloys have excellent casting properties and corrosion resistance. In deformed aluminium alloys, the addition of silicon to AL aluminum alone is limited to welding materials, and the addition of silicon to aluminum also has a certain strengthening effect.

3. The effect of magnesium on aluminium alloy

Although the solubility curve shows that the solubility of magnesium in aluminum decreases greatly with decreasing temperature, in most industrial wrought aluminium alloys, the content of magnesium is less than 6%, and the content of silicon is also low. These alloys cannot be heat treated to strengthen but have good weldability, good corrosion resistance, and moderate strength.

4. The influence of manganese element on aluminium alloy

Manganese can prevent the recrystallization process of aluminium alloys, increase the recrystallization temperature, and can significantly refine the recrystallization grains. Manganese is an important element of aluminium alloys and can be added alone to form Al-Mn binary alloys. Manganese is mostly added together with other alloying elements, so most aluminium alloys contain manganese.

5. The influence of zinc element on aluminium alloy

At a temperature of 275, the solubility of zinc in aluminum was 31.6%, while at 125 its solubility dropped to 5.6%. When zinc is added to aluminum alone, the improvement of the strength of the aluminium alloy under deformation conditions is very limited, and there is a tendency of stress corrosion cracking and stress corrosion cracking, thus limiting its application. Adding zinc and magnesium to aluminum at the same time forms a strengthening phase Mg/Zn2, which has a significant strengthening effect on the alloy. Adding Cu based on Al-Zn-Mg forms an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy, the matrix strengthening effect is the largest among all aluminium alloys, and it is also an important aluminium alloy material in the aerospace, aviation industry, and electric power industry.

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