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Aluminium Products

Aluminum Sheet is Widely Used in Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Industry

1. Understand the aluminum sheet

Aluminum has a low melting point and good casting properties. The mechanical properties of aluminum have a lot to do with its purity. The strength of industrial aluminum sheets is low, but the aluminum alloy composed of aluminum and some alloying elements not only maintains the inherent characteristics of aluminum to a certain level, but also significantly improves its hardness. and strength. When some aluminum alloys are used as structural materials, their strength can exceed that of ordinary structural steel; when some aluminum alloys are used as mold materials, their service life can exceed that of ordinary die steel. Aluminum and various aluminum alloys have excellent ductility and are capable of various plastic workings.

The machinability of any kind of aluminum alloy is better than that of steel and pure aluminum, but the machinability of various deformed aluminum alloys and cast alloys is very different. Aluminum and aluminum alloys are among the easiest metal materials to form, but the allowable deformation of aluminum alloys is affected by its chemical composition, grade, and heat treatment. Due to the low mechanical strength and work hardening rate of aluminum alloy sheets, the formability of aluminum alloy sheets is different from that of other metals.

2. The aluminum sheet in the machinery manufacturing industry

The machinery manufacturing industry generally uses aluminum sheets to manufacture wheels, pulleys, centrifuges, ventilators, cranes and pump parts, pistons and engine cylinders, as well as aluminum sheet stampings. This is because aluminum and aluminum alloys not only have low density, but also have certain strength and hardness, which can reduce the energy consumption in mechanical operation, or greatly improve the operating speed under the condition of using the same energy, and also relatively extend the service life of mechanical parts. At the same time, after the weight and size of the whole machine are reduced, it is more suitable for consumption, transportation, installation and operation. To sum up, the use of aluminum sheets is mainly in the following industries: construction, packaging, air conditioners, refrigerators, solar energy, cosmetics, etc., and can also be used in power plants, chemical and petrochemical plants, etc.

3. The sound insulation effect of aluminum alloy panels

Aluminum alloy plate and aluminum alloy honeycomb core composite thermoforming, aluminum honeycomb panel. Since the honeycomb core in the traditional honeycomb aluminum panel is divided into numerous closed cells, air movement is prevented, and the acoustic wave technology is seriously hindered. We have improved the working strength of the aluminum alloy panel itself, so that the size data of a single aluminum alloy panel can be larger, which further increases the degree of freedom of the design system. According to the indoor acoustic design, different perforation rates can be designed, and the sound absorption coefficient of the combined structure can be controlled within a certain range, which can not only achieve the design effect, but also control the cost reasonably. By controlling the hole diameter, pitch, and can be changed according to the requirements of the perforation site.

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