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Do You Know the Application of Brushed Aluminum Sheet?

We often see in newly renovated homes an item made of modern aluminum panels, perhaps kitchen cabinets, or intricate door frames, and so on. This new material is brushed aluminum, which is different from mirror aluminum in that its surface has lines scraped out with sandpaper, after degreasing, sanding, and washing. This brushed aluminum sheet is more beautiful, ornamental, and corrosion-resistant than traditional mirrored aluminum sheets, so it is popular in the market.

Application of brushed aluminum sheet

The brushed aluminum sheet made of copper-aluminum alloy aluminum sheets is often used in aviation because of its high hardness, high production cost, and high price. The brushed aluminum sheet made of 6061 aluminum sheet, which is composed of manganese elements, is also manufactured with various colors due to its anti-rust properties. It is mainly used in daily life, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, kitchen utensils, etc. It is a kind of brushed aluminum sheet with a high utilization rate. The brushed aluminum sheet made of aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum sheets, which is mainly composed of magnesium element, is also widely used in other industrial works besides aviation industry. It is also a kind of brushed aluminum sheet with a high utilization rate. The brushed aluminum sheet made of zinc-containing elements belongs to high-end alloy aluminum sheets, which are mainly used in aviation industry to manufacture airplanes.

Processing skills of brushed aluminum sheet

One commonly used processing skill in brushed aluminum sheets is the straight-line brushing. The brushing is repeatedly punched on the surface of the aluminum sheet to remove scratches and play a decorative role. This straight-line brushing can produce consecutive and non-consecutive lines. The consecutive lines are formed by repeated orderly punching on the surface of the aluminum sheet, which are usually uninterrupted and very regular. The non-consecutive lines with different thicknesses can also be obtained through certain methods. The punched lines are intermittent but also very regular.

The brushed aluminum sheet, different from the usual aluminum sheet, has the processing skill of creating surface brushed lines besides the anodizing surface treatment. Its delicate brushed surface makes it more exquisite and beautiful than the surface of the usual 6061 aluminum sheet. Therefore, it is widely used in decoration items.

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