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Brushed Aluminum Sheets Have a Modern Metallic Look

The brushed aluminum sheet has rich colors and a modern metallic appearance, so more and more product metal shells use the brushed process to achieve beautiful and practical effects.

1. Brushed aluminum sheet instead of stainless steel shell

Metal shells have become the preferred design solution for many products, and in the design and processing process of many metal product shells, in order to achieve a better decorative effect, we usually use brushed sheets. In the past, we would use stainless steel plate for design, but because stainless steel material is relatively bulky, it increases the transportation cost of the factory, thus greatly improving the transportation reliability of the product. With the research and development of new materials, brushed aluminum sheets have gradually entered the home appliance and electronic product market due to their reliability.

2. The application of brushed aluminum sheet

The application of brushed aluminum sheet is very wide, which can be used in various industries such as signage, mobile electronic equipment, household appliances, construction, decoration and so on. The color of the brushed aluminum sheet is also very rich, and there are various colors such as natural color, black, rose gold, fog white, stainless steel, gold, etc. to choose from. Different industries can choose different surface drawing products.

In the signage industry, different colors can be selected according to the characteristics and needs of the product itself. In the application of signs, basic colors such as natural color, stainless steel color, and gold are usually used, which will make the sign look simple and elegant and can highlight the characteristics of the sign itself.

In the electronic product industry, manufacturers will choose different colors of brushed aluminum sheets according to different product positioning, with more choices. If you want your product to be trendy, then using standout colors like rose gold, red, pink, etc. can catch the eye of people, especially teenagers. If you want the product to reflect elegance, luxury and simplicity, you can choose natural color, black, stainless steel, etc., because the drawing process itself can well show the characteristics of the product.

In the household appliance industry, it is difficult to avoid oil fume when the kitchen is in use. Therefore, we have to choose some stain-resistant stainless steel, black and other surface drawing processes, which are both stain-resistant and decorative. Brushed aluminum sheet provides the perfect housing material with corrosion resistance and decorative effects to various industries.

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