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CAISC Aluminum Products

CAISC Aluminum Products

China Aluminium Industry Supply Chain (Tianjin) Co., Ltd (CAISC), with development of more than 10 years, we have developed from the initial high precision machining and sales enterprise into a large scale manufacturing enterprise, which integrated with production, processing, trade,  finance services. Our enterprise possesses more than 300 employees, 15 large-scale processing equipments and more than 10,000 Tons aluminium plate and extruded aluminium bar in stock,such as 1100 ,3003 ,5754 ,5182 ,5052 ,5083 ,6061 ,6082 ,7075 ,2024 ,2011 etc.

Our Products certified with the ISO9001: 2008 & GJB9001B-2009 Quality Management System, are widely used in high precision and residential area. Excellent products bring us extensive recognition and praise.

Why Is Aluminum Used In Products?

Why Is Aluminum Used In Products?

1. Lightweight - approximately one-third the density of steel

2. Strength - some alloys can be substantially strengthened by work or by heat treatment

3. Workability - easily formed, machined, and welded

4. Corrosion resistance - varies depending on the alloy and the best resist marine exposure

5. Non-toxic - often used in contact with food

6. Non-magnetic and non-sparking

7. Electrical conductivity - high

8. Thermal conductivity - high

9. Reflectivity - bright finish options available.

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