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The Application and Development of Aluminium Alloy in Aerospace Industry

1. Application and development of aluminium alloy in aerospace

The main characteristics of aerospace aluminium alloy are: large-scale and integrated, thin-walled and lightweight, cross-sectional size and shape and position precision, uniformity and high-quality structure and properties. Aluminum profiles for aerospace mainly include: integral ribbed wall panels, I-beams, wing beams, comb-shaped profiles, hollow beam profiles, etc. Aerospace aluminium alloys are mainly used as stress-bearing structural components of aerospace vehicles such as airplanes and spacecraft, as well as special-shaped hollow rotor beams and airstrips for helicopters.

2. Application and development of aluminium alloy in aircraft

Aluminium alloy profiles have also developed greatly in the aerospace industry because of their light weight, strong plasticity, corrosion resistance, and easy assembly. Large-scale special aluminium alloy profiles have become one of the important research topics in various places. At present, many complex and integral large-scale special aluminium alloy extruded profiles have become essential and important structural materials in the aerospace industry. For example, the aluminum plates and aluminium alloys required for each passenger aircraft need about dozens of tons, and the outer shell of each aircraft needs to be manufactured with high-quality aluminium alloy profiles. The frame of the aircraft needs to be covered with aluminium alloy, and the main frame needs to be supported by extruded profiles. Many countries have established research institutes to study the application of aluminum profiles in aircraft.

3. Application and development of aluminium alloy in rockets and other spacecraft

Aluminium alloy profiles are not only widely used in aircraft, but also in spacecraft such as rockets and missiles. For example, because of the heat resistance and low temperature performance of 2219 aluminium alloy, it can be used as a fuel tank for rockets. For another example, the weldability of aluminium alloy makes it possible to make the skeleton part of a rocket. In addition to the skeleton and fuel tanks, most of the other structures such as rockets and missiles are also made of aluminium alloys. In addition to the above two, the skeleton of the manned aircraft is made of 2024 and 7075 aluminium alloys. Because these two aluminium alloys have high strength, light weight and thin thickness, aluminium alloy sheets are also frequently used in these objects, such as protective panels, safety devices, and thrusters.

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