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Comparison of Brushed Aluminum Sheet with Curtain Wall Aluminum Single Sheet

The aluminum veneer is an aluminum decorative material with characteristics of pollution-free and recyclable, making it a representative of environmentally friendly and energy-saving decorative materials. Among the aluminum veneer family, the brushed aluminum sheet is an important member. So, how does it compare with the curtain wall aluminum veneer?

Comparison of brushed aluminum sheet and curtain wall aluminum veneer

The differences between the two

  • Different processes: The production process of brushed aluminum sheet includes degreasing, sanding, and washing, where the aluminum sheet is repeatedly scraped with sandpaper to create lines. Whereas the curtain wall aluminum veneer mainly consists of sheet metal processing and painting.

  • Different prices: The price of brushed aluminum sheet is relatively cheaper, while the curtain wall aluminum veneer is relatively expensive.

  • Different tools: The brushed aluminum sheet is mainly processed using a brushed mold, while the aluminum veneer is processed using various large machines.

  • Different applications: The brushed aluminum sheet has a wider range of applications, and can be used for decoration in construction materials, as well as in daily life, such as furniture, home appliances, electronic consumer goods, and other fields.

The similarities between the two

  • Both are beautiful and practical: Both are very beautiful and practical. The shell of the brushed aluminum sheet uses the metal brushing process, producing a very remarkable effect, while the curtain wall aluminum veneer uses the spray painting process, with an even coating and a bright color. They have a wide range of applications and can reflect different decorative styles.

  • Both have a rich color selection: It can be seen that both have their own advantages, but the difference is in the choice of application field, and the brushed aluminum sheet has a wider range of applications and is more cost-effective.

Do brushed aluminum sheets need oxidation?

The brushed aluminum sheet uses aluminum sheet as the base material, and uses brushing wheels, sanding belts, or nylon belts to process the surface, drawing the desired texture. The entire process involves degreasing, sanding, and washing. The brushing process can conceal the imperfections on the aluminum sheet surface and make it more ornamental.

As we all know, the aluminum sheet surface is easily scratched and has poor weather resistance. Over time, it will become hazy due to air oxidation. For brushed aluminum sheets used as external decorative components, they must undergo oxidation treatment to improve their surface corrosion resistance and wear resistance, in addition to concealing the texture of the aluminum sheet itself, making it more beautiful.

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