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Understand the Knowledge Points of Aluminum Plate Use and the Difference from Aluminum Alloy Plate

Ⅰ. The difference between aluminum plate and aluminum alloy plate

Aluminum plates are made of pure aluminum, and aluminum alloy plates are made of aluminum alloys with different compositions. Aluminum and aluminum alloys are essentially different in terms of alloy composition and use.

Aluminum plate is a plate made of aluminum. According to the alloy composition, it can be divided into pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, composite aluminum plate and aluminum-clad aluminum plate. It can also be divided into conventional plate, medium plate, thick plate and thin plate according to the size. Generally speaking Aluminum plate refers to pure aluminum plate. Aluminum alloy plate is an aluminum profile made of aluminum as the main raw material, adding copper, magnesium, zinc and other metals. Due to the different compositions of the alloys, the characteristics of aluminum plates and aluminum alloy plates are also different, and the scope of application is very different. Aluminum plates are mainly used for household appliances, mold manufacturing, ship plates, etc. It is widely used in aerospace, rail transit, and electronic appliances.

Ⅱ. The use of aluminum plate knowledge points

Aluminum sheets are widely used in engineering decoration, home decoration, communication electronics, transportation facilities, thermal insulation and anti-corrosion, fine decoration, automobile manufacturing and other fields. So, what are the knowledge points in the use of aluminum plates?

1. Aluminum plate storage: It should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, and placed flat on the surface, do not step on or hit.

2. Handling of aluminum plates: the four sides of the plate should be lifted at the same time to avoid scratching the surface of the plate.

3. Aluminum plate slotting: When slotting with a slotting machine or a gong machine, a milling cutter with a semi-round head type greater than 90 degrees should be used. The lower knife should not be too deep to damage the aluminum plate, nor too shallow to make it difficult to fold the edges. There is a 0.2-0.3MM thick plastic core material and the aluminum plate to be bent together to increase the strength and toughness, otherwise the aluminum plate may break or the paint film may burst during the bending.

4. Bending of aluminum plate: When bending the edge, the stress is uniform, forming once, do not bend repeatedly, otherwise the aluminum plate may break.

5. Arc processing of aluminum plate: special bending equipment should be used to process the arc, so that the plate gradually reaches the required surface, and should not be bent at one time.

6. Aluminum plate installation direction: When the same color aluminum plate is installed on the same plane, the flow direction should be the same, otherwise there will be visual color difference.

7. Tear off the aluminum plate: tear off the protective film within 45 days after the aluminum plate is installed, otherwise it will be difficult to tear the film or the glue will transfer.

8. Conditions of use of aluminum panels: Indoor wall panels should be used indoors and should not be installed outdoors to ensure the use effect and service life.

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