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Application of 6082 Aluminum Plate in Automobiles

Aluminum is a metallic element with the symbol Al and atomic number 13. Its pure form is a silver-white light metal with good ductility. It is often produced as bars, sheets, foils, powders, tapes, and wires. It can form a layer of oxide film that prevents metal corrosion in moist air. The development of the aviation, construction, and automobile industries requires materials with unique properties of aluminum and its alloys, which greatly facilitate the production and application of this new metal. Aluminum has extensive applications.

Understanding of 6082 aluminium sheet

6082 aluminum plate is a heat-treatable aluminum alloy plate that can be strengthened, with medium strength, good weldability, and corrosion resistance, mainly used in the transportation and structural engineering industries, such as bridges, cranes, roof frames, transporters, transport ships, etc. In recent years, with the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry at home and abroad, seeking to replace steel components with aluminum alloys to reduce the weight of the ship, increase the speed of the ship, and become a significant issue facing the aluminum processing and shipbuilding industry. Aluminum 6082 alloy plate has medium strength and good corrosion resistance, and its lightweight makes it the ideal material for manufacturing high-speed ship components. 6082 aluminium sheet has a wide range of applications, not only for hardware accessories but also for the transportation industry of automobiles and rail transit.

The use of 6082 aluminium sheet in the automobile industry

Aluminum alloy materials used for automobile body mainly include two series with high copper element content and high hardness, such as 2024 Aluminum Sheet; five series with high magnesium element content, also known as “magnesium-aluminum alloy,”such as 5083 Aluminum Sheet; and six series with high magnesium-silicon content, good corrosion resistance, and anti-oxidation properties, such as 6082 aluminium sheet. Different series of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials will be used in different parts of the stress-bearing automobile body.

6082 aluminum plate can be mainly used for automobile outer plates. Automobile outer plates require good flanging ductility, no slip lines on the surface, good aging stability. 6082 aluminum sheet has consistent automotive surface color quality after high-temperature grain refinement forming. 6082 aluminum plate has advantages of lightweight, safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc., and is also suitable as a material for automobile outer plates. 

Additionally, 6082 aluminium sheet can be used as a car chassis primarily because it meets the standard requirements of anti-impact and anti-bending and has good safety, which can guide and disperse the car body mass into the overall vehicle structure. 6082 aluminum sheet can also be used as car door materials, with good formability, high surface finish, and a beautiful appearance.

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