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What Are the Advantages of Brushed Aluminum Sheet As an Automotive Interior?

With the development of the economy, cars have become an indispensable part of people's lives, and have become a means of transportation for many people. With the continuous improvement of people's cognition, in addition to the requirements for car performance, the requirements for appearance are also More and more excellence, some of these high-end brand cars have made innovations in their interiors, using brushed aluminum sheets as their interior trim panels. So, what are the advantages of brushed aluminum sheet as a car interior?

1. The advantages of brushed aluminum sheet as an automotive interior

The brushed aluminum plate was first used in architectural decoration, and because of its unique advantages, it has gradually been used in various fields. The brushed aluminum sheet conquers the automotive market by artificially deep processing to achieve technical advantages and product performance advantages, and is used in high-end brand automotive interior accessories.

The advantages of brushed aluminum sheet as an automobile interior are: 1. Green and environmentally friendly materials, which can be recycled; 2. The protective layer of the brushed aluminum sheet does not burst during processing and bending, and is easy to stamp and form; Corroded by cleaning agents; 4. It has the characteristics of light weight, the proportion is only one third of that of stainless steel, which can reduce the weight of accessories; 5. The soft metal texture can add a sense of fashion to the interior of the car and increase the brightness of the interior , heat dissipation is fast; 6. The brushed texture can be customized, the car style is changeable, and the diversified brushed texture can better cater to various car styles.

2. Does the brushed aluminum plate need to be oxidized?

The brushed aluminum plate is based on an aluminum plate, and the surface is treated with a drawing wheel, a drawing abrasive belt or a nylon endless belt to pull out the desired texture. The whole process includes three processes: degreasing, sand grinding, and water washing. The wire drawing process can cover up imperfections on the surface of the aluminum sheet and make it more ornamental.

As we all know, the surface of the aluminum plate is very easy to scratch, and the weather resistance is poor. After a long time, it will be oxidized by the air and become foggy. The brushed aluminum plate, in addition to covering the texture of the aluminum plate itself to make it more beautiful, does not have any improvement in performance, so if the brushed aluminum plate is used as a decorative part, it must be oxidized to improve the surface of the brushed aluminum plate. corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The oxidized brushed aluminum plate has superior washing resistance, superior washing resistance, super metal texture, high-grade, beautiful appearance, and scratch resistance.

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