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How Much Do You Know About The Application Of Aluminum Alloy Application And Development Of Aluminum Alloy In Aerospace Industry Effects Of Various Elements In Aluminum Alloy On Aluminum Properties Comprehensive Interpretation Of Eight Series Of Aluminum And Aluminum Alloy Characteristics What Is Aluminum Alloy Effects of Various Elements in Aluminium Alloy on Aluminium Properties Comprehensive Interpretation of Eight Series of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Material Properties The Application and Development of Aluminium Alloy in Aerospace Industry The Application of Aluminum Alloy Warranty Period and Storage of Aluminium Alloy Plate The Surface Treatment of Aluminium Sheet Will the Aluminium Alloy Plate Corrode when Stored for a Long Time? What Fields Are Aluminium Alloy Plates Mainly Used In? Understand the Knowledge Points of Aluminum Plate Use and the Difference from Aluminum Alloy Plate What Are the Characteristics of Aluminum Plate? What Are the Uses of Brushed Aluminum Sheets? Aluminum Sheet is Widely Used in Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Industry Brushed Aluminum Sheets Have a Modern Metallic Look What Are the Advantages of Brushed Aluminum Sheet As an Automotive Interior? Brushed Aluminum Plate Makes Life More Diversified Matters Needing Attention in Heat Treatment of 1060 Aluminum Plate Common Sense About Brushed Aluminum Sheet Use Characteristics and Polishing Precautions of 6061 Aluminum Plate How is the Brushed Aluminium Sheet Used in the Industrial and Civil Fields? What Are the Differences Between 1060 Aluminum Sheet and 5052 Aluminum Plate? Points to Pay Attention to when Purchasing 5052 Aluminum Plate What is the Production Process of 5052 Aluminum Plate?
Aluminium Products

What Is Aluminum Alloy

Basic Properties Of Aluminum

Silvery white, in humid air can form a layer of anti-corrosion metal oxide film, relative density 2.7 g/cm3, melting point 660 °C, SARS 2327 °C, light, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity and oxidation resistance.

Types Of Aluminium Alloys

Profile category: Aluminum profile, aluminum tube, aluminum bar, etc.

Plate category: Aluminum Plate, aluminum foil, aluminum strip (Roll)

Casting category: aluminum casting, aluminum particles

What Is The Meaning Of F, O, H, W, T In Aluminum Alloy

F [ free working state ] is applicable to the aluminum alloy products which have no special requirements for working hardening and heat treatment during the forming process, and the mechanical properties of the products in this state are not specified.

O [ annealing state ] applies to the lowest strength of processed products obtained by complete annealing.

H [ work-hardening state ] is used to improve the strength of products by work-hardening, after work-hardening can be (or not) through the strength reduction of the additional heat treatment. The code name must have two or three digits at the root.

W [ solid solution heat treatment state ] is an unstable state, which is only suitable for alloys which are naturally aged at room temperature after solid solution heat treatment.

T [ heat-treated state ](different from F, O, H) applies to heat-treated products that have been (or have not been) worked to a stable state. The T code must be followed by one or more digits in Arabic.

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