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Common Sense About Brushed Aluminum Sheet

Undoubtedly, you must have seen brushed aluminum sheets with a wide range of uses, but do you really know them very well?

1. Introduction of the brushed aluminum plate

First of all, let us tell you about the wire drawing process. Many metal products will have some lines on the surface when they are produced, which will make the product look like a fly in the ointment. Then, metal wire drawing technology is needed to improve the imperfection of the product. In other words, in order to cover up the defects left in the production process, drawing can be divided into two types: long and short.

The aluminum plate is subjected to external pressure and forced to pass through the prepared mold, so that the compressed aluminum plate is technically processed, that is, it is processed into the required product. The brushed aluminum plate is to repeatedly polish the aluminum plate and scrape out the lines. The whole process includes three processes: degreasing, sand grinding and water washing. During the treatment process, a thin protective layer will be formed on the surface of the aluminum plate, which can clearly show each line and make the aluminum plate shine.

2. The advantages of brushed aluminum plate

Nowadays, more and more metal products will use metal wire drawing in the production process, mainly to play an aesthetic role, and to ensure the quality of the product while also making the product unique. There are about a dozen colors of brushed aluminum panels, and different colors are its advantages; mainly used in doors and windows, signs, electrical appliances, aluminum-plastic panels, home decoration, electronic products and many other aspects. The brushed aluminum plate has strong corrosion resistance, which makes the product have fashion elements and technological elements, which are favored by consumers and receive rave reviews.

The brushed aluminum sheet stands out among the aluminum sheets because of its stability. Not all aluminum sheet materials can become brushed aluminum sheets. They must be carefully selected. Only the aluminum sheets with high stability can become brushed aluminum sheets after deep processing. Therefore, the brushed aluminum plate is very critical in the choice of aluminum plate material, so it has created the prosperity and development of its decorative home building materials.

Although the price of brushed aluminum plate in the market is higher than that of aluminum plate material such as alumina plate and mirror aluminum plate, but with its high-quality material, its own unique stability and bright and luxurious appearance, it brings us value for money shopping enjoyment, thus promoting the prosperity of brushed aluminum sheet.

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