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Several key parameters of aluminum plate casting process

6063 aluminum plate is widely used in the framework of building aluminum doors and windows, curtain walls, in order to ensure that the doors and windows, curtain walls have high wind pressure resistance, assembly performance, corrosion resistance and decorative properties, the requirements for the comprehensive performance of aluminum alloy profiles are much higher than the standard of industrial profiles. 6063 aluminum plate production through the melting casting, ingot casting, various pre-rolling preparation, flat roll rolling, heat treatment and finishing processes into a rectangular cross-section of a single sheet or The process of processing into single sheets or rolls of rectangular cross section. So about 6063 aluminum plate melt casting process is like?

6063 aluminum plate melting and casting process of several key parameters

1, 6063 aluminum plate melting generally set the furnace temperature 1050 ℃, the process needs to monitor the material temperature, control the metal temperature does not exceed 770 ℃.

2, slagging operation at about 735 ℃, the temperature is conducive to slag-liquid separation.

3, 6063 aluminum plate refining is generally used in the secondary refining mode, a refining plus solid refining agent, the secondary refining using gas refining mode.

4, after the inverted furnace resting generally 30min-1h need to timely casting, otherwise need to re-refining.

5, 6063 aluminum plate casting process needs to continuously add Ai-Ti-B wire to refine the grain.

The melting and casting process of 6063 aluminum plate

1, 6063 aluminum plate melting and casting ingredients: to be set according to the Mg2Si, excess Si amount to estimate how much magnesium ( Mg ), silicon ( Si ) to control the iron ( Fe ) content, and then furnace pre-lab testing ingots, scrap containing silicon ( Si ), magnesium ( Mg ), iron ( Fe ) amount to determine the amount to add.

2, melting: to prevent silicon ( Si) sink slag, magnesium ( Mg) floating surface combustion loss and hydrogen absorption.

3, refining: add refining agent cryolite to Al 2O3 dissolved in the form of floating slag removal, release of chlorine gas combined with hydrogen to form HCL volatilization, to prevent nitrogen impurity (containing O2, H 2O) caused by secondary pollution, pure N2, refining agent is available to Standard Chartered to the basic absence of.

4, casting: temperature, speed, water pressure, water temperature depends on the site operator to find the optimal conditions, and fixed in the form of documents.

The above is about 6063 aluminum plate melting and casting process is introduced to this, the material is melted by high temperature, the direct casting into the product method. Generally in the electric arc furnace melting, and then pouring into the high temperature resistant casting, and then by cooling crystallization, annealing or cutting into products. Production is mainly through the control of melting atmosphere, melting temperature and cooling conditions to ensure high production efficiency, precrystallization in line with the requirements and the formation of network structure.

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