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Will the Aluminium Alloy Plate Corrode when Stored for a Long Time?

aluminium alloy plate is a kind of industrial building material. It is used in various industries according to different materials. According to the surface treatment method, it can be divided into two categories: non-painted products and painted products. The industries used are aircraft structures, rivets, missile components, truck hubs, packaging and thermal insulation aluminum foil, heat exchangers, bulkheads, wing ribs, wing spars, etc.

1. Will long-term storage of aluminium alloy plate cause it to corrode?

aluminium alloy plate is a commonly used machined aluminum plate. Customers may not carry out surface treatment after purchasing the aluminium alloy plate, but will the aluminium alloy plate be corroded after long-term storage?

There is no iron element or steel element in the aluminium alloy plate, so it will not corrode, but it is very easy to corrode when exposed to the air. The process of aluminium alloy plate corrosion is called oxidation. The oxidized aluminum oxide layer is thin. When the aluminum plate is oxidized, a hard oxide film will be formed on the surface, which will protect the aluminum plate from further oxidation. Corrosion of aluminum plate is actually due to oxidation, unless the surface alumina is removed, the aluminum plate will not further oxidize. Unlike rust, which has a lumpy, red appearance, the aluminum oxide film does not easily fall off the metal surface. The oxidation rate of aluminium alloy plate depends on the variety of aluminum, surface treatment and the natural environment around the aluminum.

2. The role of plastic film packaging when packaging aluminium alloy plates

Many people may be confused about the use of plastic bags for alloy aluminium alloy plates. Why do aluminium alloy plates use plastic bags? What is the main function of plastic bags?

Here, I will solve this doubt for you. In fact, plastic bags mainly play the role of water and moisture resistance. Since aluminium alloy plate is a non- ferrous metal material, it has high requirements for appearance, so aluminium alloy plate should be considered in the packaging process. What is the weather during transportation and how can users store it for a long time? Moisture-proof agent should be put in the plastic bag during real-time operation, so that it can be stored for a long time. Of course, only one layer of plastic bags is far from meeting the requirements. Therefore, the aluminium alloy plate should strictly implement waterproof and moisture-proof measures during transportation and storage. During transportation, cover 2 to 3 layers of rainproof cloth. The products are placed in the warehouse, and the environment in the warehouse is dry.

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